Monday, April 2, 2012

Epcot Flower & Garden Festival

Last weekend I went to the Epcot Flower & Garden Festival.  This is one of my favorite Epcot events...second to the Food & Wine Festival of course :-)  I love flowers but cannot grow them to save my life.  Honestly, I have the thumb of death!  I have tried to have so many different kinds of plants/flowers, and none of it ever lasts.  I could not even keep a bamboo stalk alive.

So here are some of my favorite pictures...I am hoping to go back at least one more time before it is over!

The orchids were actually at Animal Kingdom, but I could not pass up adding them in :-)

I love this bonsai tree so much.  I have never seen one with colored flowers on it (not that I am any kind of bonsai expert or anything, lol).

I have never seen ducklings at Epcot before! These little guys were so adorable.  There were quite a few people standing around watching them, and just as they were going through to the other side of the gate, a little girl picked one of the ducklings up.  Holy cow did that mama duck go bananas.  She pecked the snot out of that little girls legs till she put her baby down.  That little girl should not have touched it, and the little girls parents should not have let her do that, but alas, that is a blog entry for another day :-) All of the babies made it safely down to the water's edge.

I think its super fitting that Goofy looks as if he is running :-)

While I was there, I had to indulge in some yummy goodness! I walked around a decent chunk of Animal Kingdom in the morning, and then I went over to Boardwalk and walked all of that into Epcot, and walked all of Epcot about 3 times.  So I felt like it was well deserved   :-)

Fiesta margarita!! Lime, Mango, and Strawberry :-)  Delicious!

And of course, what is a trip to Disney without a Mickey bar!  While it was really nice to be able to walk around and not have to worry about whether I was going to tire my feet out for a race the next morning, I think its best for me to hang out at Epcot only when there is a lot of running involved!  There is just way too much yumminess to pass up :-)

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  1. Sounds like a fun day...the flowers are beautiful!

    I hope Mamma Duck got some good shots in on the little girl - although it would have been more appropriate if the parents would have been bitten instead!