Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Weekly Recap: April 8-14

I cannot believe how fast the weeks are flying by! January will seriously be here before I know it.  I would not be disappointed if things just slowed down a teeny tiny bit though.  Its hard to believe its already the middle of April.  Wasn't Christmas just yesterday? Craziness!

Last week was a busy running week!  Since I moved my Saturday run to Sunday, it gave me 5 days of running.  Surprisingly I felt really good through every run.  None of them were longer than 4 miles, but at least I made it out of bed every morning.  So I will take that for now.  But I do have an 8 miler on the calendar for Saturday!

4.01 miles
59:17 minutes
14:48 average pace

3.05 miles
43:52 minutes
14:23 average pace
This was the first day I went to 40/40 intervals.  No joke, adding 10 seconds of running feels like an hour!

3.06 miles
43:48 minutes
14:19 average pace


3.07 miles
42:28 minutes
13:50 average pace
I have no idea what happened today, but I may have found my inner "almost speedster"!  This was the best run I have had in such a long time, and the running segments were much much faster than usual.  I don't know if it was my awesome Italian dinner the night before, or the fact that I had a chocolate peanut butter bear waiting for me at the office, or just a fluke...but I hope it sticks around :-)

4.01 miles
59:15 minutes
14:46 average pace
I ran this one with mom and we ran 30/40 intervals.  And I forgot my Garmin.  That dumb thing will be the death of me! And I am way too analytical to be able to just run like a regular person and enjoy it, I want to study the numbers when I finish.  Total nerd I know :-)

17.20 total miles this week! I have been paying myself $1 for every mile that I run, so that I will have money to shop at all these expos!  I am already looking forward to all of the shopping I will be doing :-)

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  1. Excellent week - keep up the great work.

    I know what you mean about the time flying by...