Monday, April 2, 2012

Food Truck Sunday

Yesterday was the monthly gathering of food trucks in the town I live in.  This is only the second time it has happened, and last month I was sick in bed, so I missed it.  Therefore I was quite excited to check it out for myself!

Last month my mom and dad went and figured out how things worked, so this month they were ready to go with a table, chairs, and a cooler with drinks.  We stuck to water and soda, but there were a bunch of people with beer and wine.  I am not sure what the rules are about stuff like that, since we were in a Lowe's parking lot.  My guess is that it will not be a big deal until some kind of disturbance happens, and then it will be an issue.  But that is of course just my not so professional opinion :-)

The trucks were all set up in one roped off area, and people brought their chairs and tables into that part, and some people were sitting out in the regular part of the parking lot as well.  It was pretty much like tailgating, except there was no football game.  If I could somehow combine food trucks and Buccaneer football I would be one happy camper!

I would guess there were about 30 different trucks there - everything from cupcakes, to bbq and burgers.  The only thing I do not like is that every truck gives you a full sized meal.  Which makes it hard to sample a lot.  Mom, dad and I decided that we would just choose things that we could share, so we could try a few more things, but it was still a lot of food.  Here are just a few of the trucks!  I wanted to get pictures of all of them, but I got distracted once we started eating.  These are the ones I could see from my chair :-)

This Gastro truck calls itself the home of cheesy goodness!  They were not lying!  I have already decided what I will be eating from them next month :-)

Saigon Sizzle (or Saigon Sally as my dad calls it, no idea why, lol) has Vietnamese tacos.  They are really good, but we tried them a few months ago at the Manatee Festival, so we did not have any this time.

Chicken and Waffles seem to be the new popular combination?  So random, but it must be good I guess.  I have not yet worked up the nerve to try them out!

The Batter Bowl had all kinds of desserts!

So then it was decision time!  We started out with fried green tomatoes!  Yummy!  Although, there were some red tomatoes in there as well, which was weird, but they were just as good.  I am not sure what the sauce was.  It reminded me of the sauce you get at Outback with the Bloomin' Onion.  Whatever that is called.

After the tomatoes, we had creme brûlée from the Batter Bowl.  It was pretty good...but the dish was so deep, so the ratio of sugar topping to custard was a little off for my liking.  But it was still good!

This is a ham and grilled cheese sandwich with a side of mac n cheese.  Yep you know this is from the cheesy goodness truck!  I am not a huge ham fan, but it was good.  I love mac n cheese though!  They also have a sandwich on their menu called the Apple Harvest Grilled Cheese.  It has apples, cheddar cheese and clover honey.  I will be getting that next month for sure!  It has apples, so it will obviously be healthy :-)

This next one came from the Korean BBQ Taco Box.  It was beef and rice, with a ginger salad, chicken wing, fried cheese thing, and two unidentified objects...although I vaguely recall the menu saying something about tofu, but I cannot remember.  It was yummy!  The meat had an awesome flavor!  This was what I picked.  It was so hard for me to make a decision.  All of those trucks with so many choices were so unbelievably overwhelming!

After this, we had a monte cristo crepe which had honey ham, turkey, cheddar, lettuce and raspberry preserves.  We also had a blueberry and creme cheese crepe.  I am not sure why but I missed pictures of those!  Oops!  I think I was so busy with my Korean food.

The grand finale was this strawberry balsamic basil popsicle.  I'm not gonna lie, it was kind of weird to have basil in my popsicle, but it was surprisingly delicious.  Nice and light and fresh :-)

All in all our food truck experience was quite lovely!  I cannot even wait until next month!  Mmmmm!!


  1. Oh wow - that's a lot of good looking food. I think I gained weight just looking at the pictures :)!

  2. We've had a few of these near us. People totally sneak in their own booze. :) I am not a chicken and waffle fan either, but people seem to love em. Too much breading involved for me. That popsicle looks refreshing though.