Wednesday, March 7, 2012

I have a problem...

and it is called "Race Day Signup Envy".

I am not even sure if that is an accurate description for it?  I get all caught up in everyone's excitement signing up for races, and it makes me want to sign up for them too.  Example 1: The Chicago Marathon.  Yes Marathon.  I have not even taken my first steps on a single 26.2 journey, and truthfully still freak out a little bit thinking about how long it is, but when a race opens, I want in on the fun.  Thankfully Chicago sold out so fast that I did not have the opportunity to do anything crazy. 

Today it is the Marine Corps Marathon.  Same thing. Watching everyone sit anxiously by their computers waiting for the 3:00 registration to open seriously made me consider I needed in on that action as well!  I may be certifiably crazy! I am guessing this one sells out just as fast as Chicago, so I will luckily miss any opportunities for foolish behavior.  Well that is not entirely true...I have been on the website, so its not like I am so busy that I just will not have time to do anything, but thankfully there is enough common sense in me that knows this is not the year for me, but that the time will come :-)

I know come April 10th when WDW Marathon registration opens I am going to have race signup envy again.  This time, not nearly as bad, because I will be registering for the full marathon...but I have to stay away from all the Disney running message boards and facebook pages because before you know it I will be signing up for Goofy (half marathon on Saturday, followed by full marathon on Sunday...Goofy right!).  I ran into the same thing last year and had a hard time not caving in!  I really want to run Goofy, but I am going to go slow and steady...just like how I race :-)  Mickey this year, and IF I live to tell about it, Goofy in 2014!  Besides, I think it is probably enough crazy for me to be registered for two marathons before ever finishing one....I mean, what if I absolutely hate it?  I have a funny feeling it will be similar to the half marathon - awesome idea until I am at mile 10, then it is the stupidest thing I have ever done, and then I cross the finish line and it is right back to being awesome...but I guess we will see!

So for now, I believe I will just have to keep mental notes of all of these races and start my Marathon Bucket List! 


  1. I do understand about race sign up envy for sure, but even worse for me is spectating a race because it makes me think I can do it too :)!

    Hey, I did my first Goofy without ever having done a marathon - what's so wrong about that? Seriously, I was going to do the same plan as you - half, then full, then Goofy....but then I digressed and skipped the full step :)!

    Tomorrow is Wine and Dine sign up so don't watch the boards :)!

    1. I am so glad I am not the only one! And as time goes on I am leaning more and more towards just skipping the "full only" year and just joining the Goofy fun :-)

      For some reason I never have the same need to sign up for W&D as I do everything else. I think its the 10pm start that gives me hesitation. That is past my bedtime! I am running Tower of Terror and figure if I can make it through that without hiding out on a bench and going to sleep I can safely add W&D to my race list for 2013 :-)