Thursday, February 16, 2012

The tragic loss of my aquamarine hoodie...and other news

Today is a sad sad day. The story begins a few weeks ago. I got an email from Lululemon with the new stuff added to the website the night before (I really need to unsubscribe from these, no good will ever come from it). Of course I had to check it out before getting up and ready. The first item was the loveliest aquamarine scuba hoodie ever. A perfect color. As someone who is always cold, I adore my scubas. Live in them. They are the most warm and comfortable things ever...also expensive. So I decided that I would wait, and if I made it all the way to Princess Weekend without skipping any of my runs I would buy it as a reward (yes I sometimes have to bribe myself to run...doesn't everyone?). On Saturday when mom and I were shopping, we went into Lululemon and they had one, just one, aquamarine hoodie. As fate would have it, it was my very own size 8. I carried it around the store, and even wore it for a bit, but ultimately decided to leave it there, since I had not yet fully completed my challenge. I figured I would just go home and order online. Well wouldn't you know that I got home and went online only to see that every single size was sold out! Today I happened to be in Orlando, so I decided to run into the store at the Mall at Millenia and hope they have one. No luck. It was so close to being mine, and now, not so much. Is the universe punishing me for that run I technically did skip due to the cold rain? If so, it's just mean. Odds are there will be a new color that I love just as much...but still :-)

In other related news, I registered for the Tower of Terror 10 Miler today. I'm excited for this race because it goes through Hollywood Studios, which is a nice deviation from the typical EPCOT and Magic Kingdom. Of course when I upgrade and start running the full marathon I will get to see it, but this is a nice shorter trip :-). It will also be mom's first race longer than a 5k. The bad news is that it starts at 10pm. This is way past my bedtime. I am not sure how I am going to feel about starting a long run when I am usually asleep? Mom will be in heaven since she is one of those crazy people who can stay up all hours of the night. Me, not so much. Plus there is an after party that lasts until like 3am! Awesome yes...but I cannot remember the last time I saw 3am...well saw it before going to bed of course. Forget the training runs, I am going to have to practice staying up late! That may be more difficult than the running. It's a tough life :-)

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