Monday, February 27, 2012

An Expo Fit for a Princess

Princess Weekend is finally here!! Friday I shopped my heart out at the Fit For A Princess Expo.  It was amazing as only an expo can be.  It was a little bit different of a set up than last year, where packet pickup and shopping were held in the same building.  At WDW Marathon weekend, we picked up our bibs in one building, and then shirts and shopping in another one.  However, there was a cheerleading/dance competition going on this weekend in one building, so there was a tent set up where we picked up our bibs for both the 5k and the half.  It was all enclosed, and there was flooring down and air conditioning running, so you really did not notice you were in a tent.  Cinderella's coach and royal coachmen were outside the tent, so of course I had to stop and take my picture with them!

Once we picked up our 5k bibs we stopped in front of the castle scene for another photo op.  I mean, its Disney, you are supposed to take pictures everywhere :-)

After picking up my half bib (which actually said Princess Christina! I was so worried I had registered too late, but there it was! Hooray!) and stopping at the mini runDisney merchandise part to buy a shirt that said "Sorry Charming, Gotta Run", we followed the red carpet into the tshirt pickup and shopping part of the expo.  While I love free stuff, I was a little bummed that the shirt was white, since it was white last year, but oh well.  I bought a lot of stuff.  Thank goodness this is the last race expo I will be going to for a while!  And of course I had to visit the glass slipper/running shoe :-)

My first stop was the Yurbud booth.  I have been hunting the perfect headphones, and they promised me these would not fall out.  I had them fit me for the correct size and bought a pair...but also threatened that I would be back the next day after the 5k if they fell out! (Threatened in a nice way, not a freaky way, lol)Turns out they were just as amazing as they promised, so my hunt for headphones is officially over! (Insert appropriate celebratory dance here :-) )
After that, I stopped at the Running Skirts booth and successfully completed my Cinderella outfit!

Next I hit up the Raw Threads booth for my "Race You to the Castle" shirt that I have been looking at for the last few races.  I finally decided to just buy it :-)  Seriously, it is the softest shirt ever!  Here it is with my Prince Charming shirt...and my yurbuds!

The only other place that I bought anything was the Newton booth.  I am not ready for new shoes yet, but they were $20 off, plus I would not have to pay to have them shipped, and I will be ready for new ones before the next race expo, so I just decided to pick some up.  Its not like they are going to expire or something, and now whenever the old ones wear out I will just have to shop in my closet and my newest pair of pink sneakers will be ready :-)

After the expo, we went to check in at Animal Kingdom Lodge.  I love it there.  Our room was nice, even though I was cheap and opted for the parking lot view as opposed to the savanna view.  But we were never in the room anyway, so it wasn't too bad.

After spending about 10 minutes in the room, we left to go to EPCOT.  We had dinner reservations at Les Chefs de France so decided to just hang out there beforehand.  The first stop was to visit my favorite buddy Figment.  I love that little purple dragon! I got a Figment stuffed animal on one of our first trips to Disney when I was little.  I carried him around so much, and sadly by the neck, that eventually his neck broke and his head just hung limp.  Sad.  I finally replaced him when I was here in January, but he no longer is wearing his yellow sweater.  So we rode Journey Into Imagination (which we walked onto), and then looked around in the imagination lab area thing/store.

Once we finished with that it was time for dinner.  Yum yum!  I have drooled over the menu at Les Chefs de France for years, but have never eaten there.  So I have had my meal planned for months: french onion soup, Gruyere mac and cheese, creme brûlée.  I will admit, when we walked through the restaurant I saw the braised short ribs with pasta and it looked delicious.  I ALMOST changed the mac n cheese at the last minute, but knew I would be disappointed later if I did not stick with my original plan.  It did not disappoint!

After dinner, we walked back to the front and got on the bus to go back to Animal Kingdom.  I was exhausted and had absolutely no double falling asleep.  The 5k had a start time of 7am, with the buses starting at 5, so my alarm was set for 4:30. Not super crazy early, but still earlier than normal.  So I was sound asleep by 10!

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