Monday, February 27, 2012

Tangled Royal Family 5K

My alarm went off at 4:30!  Mom and I got up and got dressed and went down to the lobby to get on the bus.  There wasn't one there when we got outside, but it came along in about 5 minutes, if that.  We made it to EPCOT and began the traditional "wait until the start" procedures.  Mom got her coffee, and we were going to get in line for a picture with Rapunzel and Flynn Rider but they had just closed the line down when we went to get in it.  I was hoping waiting in line would make my long wait go faster, but we just missed it.  I figured I would just jump in the line when we finished the race, but I have no idea where they moved them to?  So weird.  So no Rapunzel picture for me.

Instead of waiting in line, we entertained ourselves by listening to the DJ and watching all of the people around us.  Surprisingly the time flew by!

Before long it was time to start! For some reason this race seemed super congested.  I am not speedy by any means, but I was having to weave around people like crazy.  The route was the same as it was in January...through the EPCOT parking lot, around the World Showcase, circle around the front of the park, and then back out the parking lot.  The lines for characters were really long, so I only stopped for a picture in front of Spaceship Earth, but that is the first time I have ever stopped for a picture during a 5k so I was impressed with myself :-)

I was having some major issues with my fuel belt.  Hence the reason my number is so crooked.  I look so disheveled!  I bought a new iFitness belt at the 26.2 with Donna expo.  I upgraded to one that has an inhaler pocket, loops to hook gels in, and a bib holder so I do not have to pin my number to my shirt.  I have had the single pocket one for a few years and love it.  The first time I wore it during the Donna half, it was riding up like crazy.  I thought maybe it was just too tight, so before the 5k I loosened it up (all the way, which in hindsight was silly).  So this time it rode up like crazy.  I think I went the opposite direction and it was too loose, which was causing the riding up.  But I am not sure.  I will have to try it out on some training runs and find the right size.  I know its something I am doing, it is just a matter of getting the perfect fit, but nevertheless, I was fidgeting with it the entire race.  Luckily it was only 3 miles, so not a big deal.

Once we finished, we collected our medals, and headed back to Animal Kingdom Lodge and breakfast at Boma.  Which was super yummy as always!

After breakfast we went back to the room to shower and get ready for the rest of the day.  I had an appointment for a tour with the Disney Vacation Club people, so that was our next activity.  I have been pondering and researching this for months, so once I was able to talk to a real person and have all my questions answered I took the plunge and joined.  I have a super small amount of points, pretty much just enough to get me through WDW Marathon weekend and Princess weekend, but its a start at least.  So I am now officially a part owner of Animal Kingdom Lodge :-)  Hooray!

Once the tour was over we decided to head to Magic Kingdom.  We were aiming to hit Pirates of the Caribbean, the Buzz Lightyear ride, Haunted Mansion, and a snack.  I was also on a mission to find Cinderella on DVD (which was unsuccessful, turns out she is in the will be released sometime at the end of the year...yay).  We got into the park just as the 3:00 parade was starting.  Which meant practically every person in the park was on Main Street.  It was insane.  We watched the parade and then attempted to head to Adventureland for our visit with the Pirates.  We stopped for a Dole Whip - I have no idea how I have never tried one of these before, but boy was it yummy!  I had the pineapple/vanilla swirl because I was not sure how I was going to feel about all pineapple ice cream, but next time I am going for all pineapple.  And I want to try the orange as well.  I imagine it will be like a creamsicle.  Yum.  That was about the time we decided the park was absolutely way too crowded for us to do anything productive so we hit the monorail and went back to EPCOT.  We had dinner reservations at Via Napoli, so EPCOT was our next stop anyway, we just got there earlier than imagined!

The first stop in EPCOT was of course Journey into Imagination with Figment.  Shocking right!  From there we just slowly made the walk around World Showcase to Italy.  I was starving.  Somehow we missed lunch, and my Dole Whip was just not doing anything for me at that point.  So by the time we sat down at Via Napoli I was ready to order anything and everything on the menu!  We opted for Margarita pizza and spaghetti and meatballs.

I should add here that the spaghetti was delicious, but when we ordered, I asked for the meatballs on the side, because I was not sure if I wanted them.  It came out with the noodles in a bowl, and the meatballs and sauce on the side.  So mom was given the job of operating on the bowl of noodles and mixing it all with the sauce and meatballs.  While she did a lovely job, the presentation was obviously not as clean as if it had come from the kitchen already mixed together.  But it still tasted great.  Oh and there were actually 4 pieces of pizza on that plate, but I was so hungry that as soon as our waiter set it down I was inhaling a piece while mom worked on the spaghetti.  After I was halfway through with that piece I remembered I forgot to take my pictures!  Tragic, but that is what happens when I miss lunch :-)  Both dishes were sooo good!!!

We opted to skip dessert in Italy, and pick up some treats in the Werther's caramel store in Germany.  Mom got a caramel/peanut apple and I got caramel corn and a piece of caramel.  That's a lot of treats!  It just smells so amazing in there, I lost control and wanted to eat everything!  I was so full though.  I think I ate one piece of popcorn.  Two days later I still have the majority of the popcorn and about half of the caramel, so I am definitely making my treats last :-)

Once we finished stocking up on our non healthy treats, we took the boat back to the other side of EPCOT and headed back to the room.  My feet were super tired and getting sore, and I knew the next morning was going to be much earlier and I had 13.1 miles to cover.  When we got back to the room I laid out all my stuff and crashed!

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  1. Welcome Home! I own at Bay Lake Tower and would love to add some points for Kidani Village too. It really helps with all the runDisney trips I've been taking :)!

    Sounds like you had fun with the 5K and then a great day of treats and yummy food.