Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Let the Royal Preparations Begin!!!

Its almost time for the Princess Half Marathon!! One of my favorite weekends ever.  I mean, what is not to love about a weekend where it is totally appropriate to wear a tiara??  It is always a multistep project for me to try to get ready for a race.  I have to figure out what to wear for both the 5k and the half, remember all of the accessories that I will need (Garmin, iPod, etc), and then pack just the regular clothes and stuff.

I started with the obvious task...polishing my tiara!!! And by "polish" I mean cut the tag off of it that says I paid $3.50 for it at Claire's :-)  It certainly has some sparkle though, which makes me very happy!

Next on the list is figuring out what to wear.  I can guarantee I have brought too much.  Actually, it would make more sense for me to not even bring anything because without a doubt I will leave the expo with a brand new outfit...and if my Running Skirts buddies have their new stuff with them, I will probably wind up with more than one outfit :-) Tragic really.  So, this is what I have planned so far.  I know for sure I am wearing the sparkle hearts at some point.  But I am hoping for a blue cinderella skirt, so depending on whether or not that is an option, and what other new stuff I find, will determine the rest.  I also have some short sleeves and tank tops, depending on what mother nature has in store :-)

The last thing on the agenda for tonight was packing the running accessories bag.  I don't even know what to call this stuff? All the crap that I cannot function without is probably the most accurate description, although I will just stick with "running accessories"...it sounds nicer I think :-)  This is what I have so far...and there is still some stuff that is missing.

I have no earphones.  This is my newest drama.  I have dysfunctional ears.  I don't know what it is, but everything falls out of my ears.  I can be sitting on an airplane not moving and my stupid earphones will fall out of my ears.  So finding ones to use while running has been quite the experiment.  I had some that wrapped around my ear, and they did not fall out, but they annoyed me because it was tricky to wear my sunglasses with them on.  My mom bought some new ones at the last expo we went to, and they do not fall out of her ears, but I take 10 steps and they are falling out.  There are 2 different vendors at this weekends expo so I am hoping to find something that will work.  Which breaks the whole "do not do anything new on race day" rule, but desperate times call for desperate measures!

I also had to add a few extra things for this weekend...I fear that I waited so long to register that my race bib may not say "Princess Christina".  This will just not be acceptable, so I needed to make sure to bring a marker to fancy it up myself!  Honestly, it kind of weirds me out when strangers along the course yell for me by name, but I am making an exception for the whole "Princess" thing.

Poor Ollie saw me bring out the suitcases and spent the rest of the night on high alert - meaning he was either sitting at the edge of the suitcase or right under my feet!  He is typically somewhat of a shadow anyway, but throw a suitcase into the room and he is even worse.  His distress allows for some cute photo opportunities, and I am never one to turn down his cuddle love :-)  For the record...he actually does have eyes, he is just currently in a shaggy period, so they are hidden! An up and coming haircut will return him to his ever so handsome state :-)

So now I have 2 bags packed, and I have yet to have a stitch of non running clothing! I guess that will be the next project!!

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