Monday, June 25, 2012

What have I been doing?

I have been the lamest blogger ever.  I wish I could say it is because I have been doing some crazy awesome things that have kept me super busy.  But I would be lying.  I have not really been doing much of anything! Which leaves me not much to write about.  But when I condense all of these activities into one post, well it is not quite as boring :-)

Golf: I have been learning how to golf!  My dad has taken me to the driving range a few times in the past, but nothing official.  And he is always hesitant to "coach" me because he is worried about sharing bad habits or not giving me good information.  So I finally managed to sign up for some classes.  This was a 5 class clinic called "Get Golf Ready".  It has been offered so many times at the golf course close to me, but for one reason or another I always manage to have something else going on on the day of the first class.  This time I was free and ready to go! We worked on the basics - putting, chipping, pitching, and then half and full swings.  The last day we went on the course and actually played the 18th hole.  Just the would have taken days to get through all of them!  I am still not ready for 18 holes.  A few more trips to the driving range and I may be brave enough to try 9, but not quite yet.  Sadly I do not believe the LPGA will be calling me to join the tour anytime in the near future, but I have not embarrassed myself too badly!

Books:  I am kicking right along on my 100 books challenge!  I finished Wuthering Heights (loved it) and The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe.  I am working on Pride and Prejudice right now.  I also have thrown in a few books not on the list - Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter (don't judge, not my best choice, but it was surprisingly entertaining), Killing Lincoln (this is the new one by Bill O'Reilly and Martin Dugard.  The Vampire Hunter version goes into his assassination and such, and I wanted to read a more historically legit version.  Not saying that this was the best choice, but it was written in novel format and not history book format, so it was easy to fly through.  Pretty interesting stuff.)

Netflix: This has been my new favorite entertainment.  Somehow I came across that BBC show Doctor Who.  It is now officially my new favorite show.  Its a science fiction show about time travel and aliens and the such.  Yes I am a dork :-)  Seriously though, its awesome.  I am only at the beginning of season 2, so I have a ways to go to get caught up.  I was in Barnes & Noble on Thursday and there was an entire table set up with Doctor Who books and stuff, so I guess I am not the only nerd out there!

A lost computer: Technically, it is not lost.  Someone broke into my apartment and stole it.  Who does that? What is wrong with people? I used to be a Kindergarten teacher, and I know I taught the lesson about "if it is not yours, keep your hands off of it", but apparently that lesson does not carry much weight in the real world.  I am grateful for the fact that all they took was my computer (with the charger), but still.  I know for sure at least one other apartment was broken into and their computer was also taken, but I am not sure how many others there were.  Its annoying because this is actually a nice place.  Not the kind of place I worry about leaving my things around at.  I mean, I know idiots are everywhere, but still.  Plus, it happened in the middle of the day!  Thankfully I take my dog Ollie with me when I go to work during the day, so he was not here either.  Poor guy would have been traumatized for sure!

So now that you are all caught up...I will try to be much more exciting :-)

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