Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Weekly Recap: April 15 - 28

Ahh yes, another 2 week recap :-)  Its alright this time, because there is one pretty good week, and one insanely lame week, so they balance out into two decent weeks.  At least that is the math I am going to use in this instance!


3.03 miles
43:22 minutes
14:18 pace
This was a run with mom - so it was a 30/40

3 miles
41:05 minutes
13:41 pace
Yay for faster! Today I went back to 40/40

6.12 miles
13:47 pace
This is the first "longer than 3 mile" run that I have managed to keep under a 14 min mile pace.  I am not anywhere near as fast as I hope to be by Tower of Terror, but I am excited that I can actually see progress! Hooray!

Now for last week:
I did nothing.  Nada.  Not one single mile.  My sinuses were bothering me on Tuesday and Wednesday.  They were all clogged up and pressure-y.  I was so clogged up that it was throwing my equilibrium off! I tripped going up the stairs to my apartment every time during those two days.  While I am not exactly a picture of grace, I am also not that clumsy, so I figured running may not be the greatest idea.  Plus in addition to being clogged my head was nice and poundy, so all in all I just was not feeling the whole run thing.  And then on Thursday I went out of town for the weekend, so there was no running for me all week. 

The good news is that my yoga studio started a "Yoga for Runners" class and I went to the first one on Sunday.  At 7am!  It was packed.  And we did a lot of leg stretching which will definitely be helpful.  And I ran this morning.  So I am already back on track.  This morning was a tough run, so there will be no more skipping weeks for me (at least I am going to try my best to make sure of it anyway). 

In other related news.  I am like 50% of the way through The Stand.  At this rate it is going to take me forty forevers to get through those 100 books.  I need to speed things up.  Its pretty good so far though.  I am not sure what I am going to make my second choice.  I need to renew my library card and see what I can find!


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  1. Just keep trying to build consistency and ToT will be a piece of cake for you!